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8 Effective Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Clean

Maintaining shine and life of your home items is a dream of every home owner. No one wants to replace carpets, curtains and floor decorations every year. Do you like hardwood floors? These look captivating and add fancy look to your home. “How to keep their life maintained with shiny looks?” is the common question swirling in your mind. You must have tried various tricks earlier to keep these hardwood floors clean and maintained. Some of them worked while other failed to give desired results. Here comes the best tips for maintaining hardwood floor beauty.

1.       Daily Vacuuming:

 Your floor needs regular cleaning and wiping out dust from the floor. The small particles of the dust act like sandpaper destroys the finishing of the wood. Daily vacuuming is not possible so you can just do dust mop. This will clean the particles and saves the finishing. It is often recommended to vacuum at least a week. If you delay further, you will not keep your floor preserved for a long time. You can use vacuum cleaner with brush, but do not use a rotating brush. It will affect the finishing of shiny floor. A soft sweeper also works best to remove the dust from the floor.

2.       Wipe away furniture polish:

If you recently polished furniture and some of the polish spilled on the wooded floor, wipe it immediately. It’s the damaging substance for the floor finishing. Hairsprays also damage floor looks. Make sure you do not use these materials near the floor. Wipe these immediately with a clean cloth or use ammonia free cleaner to clean the polish and sprays.

3.       Don’t let water penetrate into the wood:

Water is one of the mess making for wooden floors. It not only damage the surface finishing, but if it penetrates inside the floor, it cause stains. The inner and outer, both surfaces get badly affected with water contents. When it’s expected to rain, never left windows open. If you have placed plant pots on the floor, use trays to hold the water. Don’t let any small drop of water stays on the floor for long time. If you see any drop, clean it and dry the area. This will preserve floor shine for a long time.

4.       Use floor cleaners for enhanced effects:

Get some good floor cleaners and place these in the shelves near you. Immediately apply floor cleaners after you wipe out the dust. It will remove any reside left on the floors. Don’t let any residue of dust stay on the floor. Small problems if not treated on time, your floor will soon vanish its finishing.

5.       Use appropriate polish:

Floors that are made of polyurethane cannot be polished with any other material. Always use polyurethane polish for these floor. Never try to mix wax polish with wax finish. It will make floor too much slippery. If floors are made of other than polyurethane, you can use any other polish that are radially available. Special care is needed only for special wood materials. For simple floors, you can use restorers. If you previously applied wax and polish material to your floor specifically then you can use restorers without considering any precaution. If you are using first time, then must test it before applying.

6.       Using long door mats:

One way to keep hardwood floors clean is to use door mats. Size of mats also affect cleaning. Smaller mats are unable to rub all dust stick with the shoes. It’s preferred to use 4 to 6 foot long door mat that rubs off all the dust from the shoes as people walk inside the home. These mats should be placed on the front door. Mats prevent lot of dust to enter in home and keep your floor clean. You can also place mats and rugs on areas where high traffic moves. A simple way to avoid dirt entering into home.

With rugs, special care is associated. There backing should not be of vinyl or rubber that cause humidity and affects floor finishing. Use rugs wherever possible to add styling to home as well as save your floors.

7.       Do not use vinegar:

Most of homemade cleaner solutions are made using a combination of vinegar and water. Experts recommend not to use diluted vinegar to clean wooden floors. If you are planning to use one of the cleaner with ammonia or diluted vinegar, stop right now. Look for some suitable cleaner that does not etch the finishing. Any solution that has alcohol or acid is a big no for your floors. Toxic free solutions can only preserve the fine look and wood shine.

8.       Damp Mopping:

A few experts recommend that you should use damp mopping. If your floor finish is in good shape than water cannot enter into the floor. But if finish is poor then it’s suggested not to use water at all. You will be cleaning finish of the floor most of the time. If water is used for mopping it will damage the finish further and have chances to enter in the wood. Clean your floors with a method of damp mopping.  With a mixture of water and cleaning solution clean your floor with half-dried and half wet cloth.

Wood floors have special finish that resist stains and spills penetrate into the wood. These stains are easy to wipe using dry paper towels or dry mops. If finishing is damaged then there is a chance stain penetrate in the wood and cause damage to wood.

Hardwood floors are designed in a way that they give stylish look to home. Fine finishing of floors with wax and polish both collectively work to resist water and any other substance to cause any damage. When you have floors in your home it’s your responsibility to keep them clean and save from damages. Never use any cleaning products and tricks that are not tested against damages. Tips that are mentioned above will help keeping your hardwood floor clean with least effort. You will follow the tips to maintain the finishing. No professional services are required if you pay special attention to floor cleaning.