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Best ways to remove top 5 carpet stains

Carpet stains are not easy to remove with usual cleaning. Some stains are hard and need special care to treat. If not treated properly, they cause too much trouble for you, making your carpet look bad. You must have tried all possible ways to keep carpets clean by not letting any stain damage it. But, with high traffic in home, it’s not possible to care all the time. Stains can occur due to various substances and each should be treated with care. Here are the best possible solutions to deal with top 5 carpet stains.

Removal of stains caused by colored beverages:

Coloured beverages leave marks that become permanent spots, if not cleaned at right time. A white carpet with yellow or red stains will ruin its style. Follow these steps to deal with such stains.

·         Always use a dry white towel to discolour the stain from the carpet. Rubbing should not be done. It will spread the stain more on the carpet making it more difficult to remove it.

·         A mixture of vinegar, dish soap and water will act as a homemade solution to remove the stains. You can mix ¼ cup of vinegar with 1 tbsp. of soap. Add this in spray bottle and mix with water. Spray the solution on stain and leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes to penetrate deeply in the stain.

·         Now use white dry tower to clean the stain, until it vanish away. You can also use commercial stain removal for treating these stains. But, these products may have side effects. If you are using these premade solutions, try on a small area of carpet to check any side reaction they cause.

Removal of stains caused by Pets

Your adorable pets may bring surprises for you to add more in your cleaning routine. The spill they leave on carpets not only create a mess, but they also leaves a bad odour in whole room. The stains occurred due to the spills can be removed with special care. Let’s see some tips to remove stains from your pets.

·         One way is to see whether the mess is wet or dry. If it’s wet, you need to wear the gloves and dispose it off. Now you can use simple blot method and soak up the stain and clean it with the solution. The stain may penetrate deep into the carpet and dries there. In this case you have to use cleaning solution and spray it over the stain. After 10 to 15 minutes you can now clean the carpet.

·         You can try homemade mixture of white vinegar with water and then spray it on stain. Leave it there for a few minutes and then clean it gently. It will remove bad odor and as well as stain. Repeat the process, if stain is not yet cleaned completely.

Removal of coffee stains:

Among various other carpet stains, coffee stains are the hardest ones. The leave a brownish-to-yellow colour stain on carpet. You do not want to ruin the expensive carpets color and catchy look with this stain.

·         Depending on the concentration of coffee spilled on the carpet, you need to dry it with white towels. Change towel if necessary. Do not use the same towel if it’s saturated with coffee. Instead of cleaning, it will spread the stain.

·         A mixture of vinegar, water and detergent (non-bleach) is one of the simple solution that can be made at home and applied to the affected carpet area. Use the similar process of blotting, rinsing and repeating if required.

Removal of Blood stains:

Blood stains are considered toughest ones to remove, if they dried. Your clothes, carpets or any other material that has a blood spots needs to be treated immediately. You cannot wait for a moment to leave it there for long time and convert the stain to permanent mark. Removing blood stain from carpets becomes easier, if you follow these tips.

·         You cannot use warm water to remove blood stains. Cold water should be used to prevent infusion of blood into the carpet fibers deeply.

·         A mixture of dish detergent, cold water and grease fighting is prepared and spayed on the stain. Let it soaked for few minutes. Now dry the stain with a white cloth or towel, followed with rinsing with cold water. If stain is not removed completely, repeat the process. As this is the toughest stain, you may need to try many times to vanish away the stain fully from the carpet.

Removal of Ink stains:

Not only carpets but clothes also get affected by the ink stains. These are not easy to remove at all. After trying various combinations of solutions and tricks it is possible to remove the ink marks from carpets. Here are a few tips to get rid of ink stains.

·         Solutions with highest concentration of alcohol are treated as best possible solutions to get rid of ink spots. Nail polish removers, wines, vinegar and hair sprays can be used to remove the stain. Wet your cloth in high concentration alcohol and wipe the ink stain. Do not try to rub or scrub the stain. It will spread on the carpet and may cause its absorption deep in the fiber.

·         Treat your stain carefully. Once stain is wiped out, you have to dry the area completely. Use vacuum cleaner that dries the liquid and absorb all moisture from the stain area.


All these stains removal tips involves solutions that are easy to prepare at your home. If you do not find these tips worthy enough to deal with your stubborn stain, you can try stain cleaning solution available in the local stores. These company made solutions may work for you, but have other side effects associated with them. Not all stain removal products work for each type of carpets. They can damage the special type of fabric your carpet is made of. It is necessary to check the small area of carpet to see if solution really works for your carpet fabric.