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Top 7 carpet cleaning myths you must need to know

Carpets are one of the heavy burdens on your budget when purchased new. Their maintenance and cleaning is essentially important to improve their life. They cannot be replaced frequently, should be maintained with necessary cleaning. Certain myths are out there when it comes to carpet cleaning. Here are seven most common myths and the actual truth behind them.


DIY Carpet Cleaning – To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo?

Save for the obvious regular maintenance of vacuuming twice or even thrice a week and spot treating every now and then, carpets definitely need a thorough deep cleaning every now and then to look and smell good.

Using shampoos designed specifically for carpets is a great way to remove all the dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants that have settled deep inside carpets.


Seven tricks for cleaning your house in the winter

Winter seasons brings joy for those who love snow, but it brings melting snow and rock salt in the home, making it more difficult to clean. People who are already frustrated with daily cleaning, they do not appreciate the long lasting hours to clean snow and fire ashes. Winter season involves more organization and maintenance then actual cleaning.


Top 13 Secrets of House Cleaning

Do you love spotless home free from all stains? You do not have time to perform deep cleaning and several hours of work to make it spot free? Here comes the solution. Experts have given secretes of house leaning to utilize less time and effort with sparkling end results. Once you finish reading the post you would also approve these secrets.