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Seven tricks for cleaning your house in the winter

Winter seasons brings joy for those who love snow, but it brings melting snow and rock salt in the home, making it more difficult to clean. People who are already frustrated with daily cleaning, they do not appreciate the long lasting hours to clean snow and fire ashes. Winter season involves more organization and maintenance then actual cleaning. In this post you will find tips that helps you clean your house during this season. These tips let you clean your house in less budget also.

1.       Keep your furnace clean:  

A furnace filter is one of the things that needs to be clean in winter. It is recommended to clean the filter once every month to make home more energy efficient. Your furnace filter and furnace itself need to be clean from dust and debris that can stays there for long if not cleaned on time. If furnace has dust, vacuum it before winter season starts. Set up the furnace with a replaced clean filter before winter season start so you can enjoy the heat at home, when it’s freezing cold outside.

2.       Keep your carpets and floor clean:

Your house will only look clean if its floors, windows and carpets are clean. During winter, shoes bring snow on the floors and carpets. Keep the shoes away as much possible to come inside the home. Use floor mats that rubs off all snow from shoes before you enter in the house. If salt comes inside, it will collects in the fiber of the carpet ruining its fabric and look. Hardwood floors retain a white polish appearance due to melted salt at the top. You should clean your carpets and floors regularly during winter using deep cleaning and vacuuming techniques. If any residue left on the carpets it must be removed.

To keep your carpets clean it’s necessary to pay attention to what’s coming inside home. Use a shoe rack at main entrance and ask every family member to replace their shoes with home shoes while coming inside. This is the safest possible way to keep all outside dirt outside the home. There will only left inside fire ashes and dirt that you can vacuum to clean floors and carpets.

Waterproof floor mats are used outside homes to absorb melting snow and the salt present in it. Baking sheets are widely used. Don’t get shocked, these are easy to get from the garage sales. These sheets are used to store boots and shoes doing rest of the work for you.


3.       Perform regular dusting:

Homes are air closed during winters. All windows and doors are kept closed all the day. Due to warm and dry air inside home, surfaces and places collect more dust than usual. Remove the dust from the surface top to the bottom, to maintain their looks. Ceiling fans, books, windows and lighting should be cleaned. With closed homes only inside lights provide brightness. If the lights collect dust and it sticks to them, it will make a layer that lowers the brightness of the light.

Regular dusting cleans the dust particles and allows full brightness that makes a big difference. Air ducts also gather dust in winters. It is preferred to get them cleaned one time professionally that not only enhances the efficiency of furnace but small dirt particles floating in house will no longer seen.

4.       Keep the windows clean:

A film of grime and dust stays on windows due to fireplace inside home. This blocks out sunrays that does not let you take sunbath on your couch. Use homemade cleaning solution to clean this thin layer of dust. A mixture of vinegar and water is mostly used to wipe down this grime. Regular dusting also not let the dust stick on windows and prevent grime film formation.

5.       Keep kitchen Ceiling clean:

Due to excessive cooking in kitchen, a layer of oil and dust formed on the walls and ceilings of your kitchen. You might not notice until it starts vanishing the actual color of the wall. The design of tiles and wood you have in kitchen will hide due to this stink layer. Make sure you clean it.

A mixture of dish wash soap mixed with a few drops of water is used to clean the kitchen walls and ceilings. It easily removes all stink. If you see any discolouration, do not use soap. Only warm water can remove 50% of the dust.

6.       Clean decorative stuff before holidays:

When it comes to winter, Christmas is the biggest celebration waiting for you to decorate home. If you decorate home with a Christmas tree, make sure it’s clean and well dry. Wipe down dust from all décor ornaments and keep them saved in a separate place to be used next year. After you are done with holidays, dust and clean all ornaments and preserve them. Clean your house after holidays to regain its looks. You might not find time during all the holidays to clean it. Find out some time on last holiday and get the job done.

7.       Clean your refrigerator:

It’s always good to clean spills immediately to avoid stains. Don’t let spill dry and make permanent mark on the place. Refrigerators should also be cleaned with care using a nontoxic cleaner. When you see Greece and spills in your refrigerator clean these with a cloth and water.


Take all necessary precautions to keep house clean to save your time cleaning and vacuuming daily. Winter clothes are needed to be kept safe and free from dirt all the day. Save these in clean cupboards organized properly. When you have to pick up a new cloth it will just a matter of a few minutes and you will be ready to go. These tips are for every stylish home to simple home. You can follow these tricks and get benefits of cleaning home in winter. If you have not planned winter cleaning yet, its good you have read this post. Perform deep cleaning every few weeks and release the burden of living in dusty house.