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Top 13 Secrets of House Cleaning

Do you love spotless home free from all stains? You do not have time to perform deep cleaning and several hours of work to make it spot free? Here comes the solution. Experts have given secretes of house leaning to utilize less time and effort with sparkling end results. Once you finish reading the post you would also approve these secrets.

Kitchen cleaning secrets:

1.       First step you would take in kitchen cleaning is to clean the stove and side shelves. Starting from right side of stove to clockwise direction, you will gradually clean up all debris. At the end you will have stove that required to be clean. It must be clean at the end as it has the greasiest dirt that take much time. Meanwhile when you start cleaning, soak the pans and stove tops in warm water and wash them after you are done with stove. This will ease the cleaning process.


2.       Sink cleaning requires not only removal of dirt but also sanitisation. Dirty sinks have more bacteria than any other part of home. You must disinfect these harmful growing batteries then wipe down the sink using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Do not make a mixture of these two substances, but spraying one after another will give best results. Once you are done with cleaning, a few drops of mineral oil dipped in clean cloth will give the final touches. It acts as a prevention layer for water build up and gives a shiny look to the sink for a long time.


3.       Clean your dishwasher once a week to prevent growth of bacteria. A mixture of baking soda and water will remove all stains and food storage from the dishwasher. You can use company made disinfectants to keel the bacteria. This will keep dishes safe and sanitised.


4.       Make a wise choice of selecting cloth for cleaning. Instead of using paper towels, microfiber clothes give best cleaning results. One time wipe down gives long lasting results. They are easy to wash and reuse, giving a money saving option. Price is just a few dollars for a pack of two.


5.       Don’t let the grease and oil stay on dishes overnight. Dip all dishes and used plates in the warm soapy water in the sink and leave them for a few minutes. This will ease the washing and saves extra time to rub dishes for oil removal.

Secrets of Bathroom cleaning:

1.       Bathrooms look spectacular when their glass door is crystal clean. Don’t let water leave hard marks giving a dull look to the doors. Lemon oil wipes away the water from the doors. You can also use glass cleaning products two to three times a year to clean bathroom door.

2.       Night time is a secret of clean bathrooms with homes having kids. When your kids use the bathroom last time before going to bed, immediately after their use, clean it. Wipe done tub, toilet and the mirrors. A quick 5 to 10 minutes wok keeps bathroom clean.

3.       Keep your drains free from clogs and hair. When you are done with dress up, take a paper towel and wipe down the floor of your bathroom to remove all hair. The draining also becomes problem free if you use warm water once a week. It will dissolve all debris gathered in the drain pipe regulating the flow of water.

Secrets of Sweeping:

1.       Planning to sweep? Always start from top and move to the bottom. When you sweep top areas of house it throws dust that stays on the floor. When you move to the bottom you pick up each dust particle coming in its way giving a more perfect cleaning.

2.       Secret of perfect cleaning is selecting right bristles. For indoor sweep, soft and fine bristles are wise choice. You have plain floors that need soft touches using fine bristles. Outdoor areas are porous and dust stays in these pores. Use brushes that have stronger bristles that removes dust from the pores.

Secrets of bedroom cleaning:

1.       Making your bed completes half of the cleaning. It only takes five minutes to clean the bed sheet and put it back. Just fold blankets and any sheets you are using and then set your bed sheet. Your room will look presentable even if you did not touch any of the other stuff.

2.       Organize your drawers to ease cloth selection, when needed. You may have clothes that you did not put on more than a year. Whey keeping stuff that takes space and of no use? Just fold them and give them to others or place in other area where they are easy to pick if you ever plan to wear them. Pick up dirty clothes and set aside for laundry.  Arrange all the clothes in proper way that gives proper look to the drawer. You can use bins to keep throwing dirty clothes in it. When you plan for laundry simply pick than bin.

3.       Don’t put everything on side tables. If you have any hobbies and want to keep things around you than adjust these in drawers. Don’t let everything outside in the excess of your kids. A simple way to keep your room look clean is to keep a tissue box with water glass and a lamp aside on the table. This is more than enough for adding a look to room. A clock hanging on the wall adds beauty and easy to see the time. You can place a clock on table that also looks fine.


Here you have seen secrets of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen cleaning. These are the most used places of home. Living room is also one of the most used area of home that also needs perfect cleaning. You can follow tips and tricks to clean it nicely with less effort and time. If you think these tips will help you to ease your cleaning, then start following right away. Don’t think of using your own tricks. All tips mentioned here are recommended from house cleaning experts. They spend time only for you to suggest tips and ease the burden of massive cleaning.