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Top 7 carpet cleaning myths you must need to know

Carpets are one of the heavy burdens on your budget when purchased new. Their maintenance and cleaning is essentially important to improve their life. They cannot be replaced frequently, should be maintained with necessary cleaning. Certain myths are out there when it comes to carpet cleaning. Here are seven most common myths and the actual truth behind them.

Myth 1: Buying a cheap carpet saves money

Buying a carpet that looks cheap and part of a deal of low profile sellers seems like money saving choice. In actual, this is not a good investment, if considered in long term. How long you want your carpet to stay? At least 4 to 5 years carpet should last before you plan to replace them with a new one. Cheap carpets are made with less durable material that has very less resistance to dust and oil absorption. Within a few months of purchase, carpet starts vanishing its look and its fiber starts to break.

You will definitely need to buy a new one to replace the damaged carpet. Is this what you want? Recommended option and truth is that you should look for nylon fiber carpets that stays long and are resistant to damaging substances. It’s a long time saving option, if you purchase an expensive quality carpet and make it last for more than 10 years.

Myth 2: My new carpet doesn’t required cleaning after one year

Among the very common myths this is one of the reasons people do not clean their carpets. Almost 80% to 90% homeowners have this myth that their carpet is new and they do not need to clean it until its start looking bad or dirty. 

Have you paid attention to the fuzz in your vacuum filter? This is more likely to come from carpets. Dirt that is not visible starts embedding inside the carpet causing lot of damage to the fiber. When it’s become visible and you plan to clean it, it’s already late to reverse the damage caused by soil and dirt.

Myth 3: Why do I need a professional cleaning service when I have a machine?

If you have a carpet cleaning machine or you rent out one each time you start cleaning carpets, you are doing worst thing to your carpet. You have a machine, but you do not know how to get most out of it. These machines use water to clean the dirt. Most of it left inside the carpets and take days to dry. The wet surface leaves an open option for molds to grow and damage the fiber. Looks of your carpet is destroyed with the soup content left inside. You should hire a professional carpet cleaner to get it deep cleaned without leaving any residue behind.

Myth 4: All carpet cleaning ways offer same cleaning benefits

Most of house owners consider all cleaning processes alike. They cannot differentiate the benefits offered by a simple method to what offered by a deep cleaning method. Methods that use dry substances to clean the carpet are not as effective as deep cleaning with water or liquid substances. Water is used to clean the stains and dirt and suck out completely using the heavy machines removing all water from the carpet. This method results in superior cleaning.

Myth 5: Carpet Cleaning shrinks the carpet

People are afraid of regular cleaning and washing their carpets. They have a common misconception that carpets shrink, when you clean them. This is not a truth at all. If your carpets are extremely wet and left in the sunshine there is a chance they get shrink. But, in actual all professional carpet cleaners removes water from carpets and do not leave your home until it’s almost dry. They use heavy machines to dry the water. There is no such option that they will get shrink.

Myth 6: Vacuuming one or twice a week is sufficient

Among the various other false impressions, vacuuming twice or once a week is considered more than enough. You are unaware of the pollutants you have on your carpets. If you know them you will never think of not doing daily vacuuming.

Air that comes inside home is filled with dust particles and other pollutants. You can save carpets from this dust if precautions are followed. But, the pollutants present in your home are not easy to stop entering into the carpet fiber. Hair of pets, dead skin, oil from the kitchen and mess from your kids, they all stays on the carpet daily. You cannot see the microscopic particles clearly, making you not to clean it daily. Fact is, you should be vacuuming daily to remove these indoor pollutants.

Myth 7: I should only use dry carpet cleaning

 A number of methods have been used professionally to clean the carpets. Truck mount steam carpet cleaning and bonnet carpet cleaning are the two compared for wet cleaning and dry cleaning. There is a common myth that steam cleaning will leave the carpet damp and it should be avoided. People rely only on bonnet cleaning and they think it will remove all the dust. In actual it only removes the soil from the top and leave the inside soil that attracts more dust.

Steam cleaning use pressure technique to wash out carpet, clean all the dust and suck all the water. The method dries almost 80% carpet till the end of the whole process. The moisture still remain does not take more than a few hours to dry. You will get a clean and soil free carpet if steam cleaning method is selected to be done.

All these are the most common myths followed worldwide. No one wants to understand the truth and they keep on cleaning carpets based on their misconceptions. If you want your carpets stays long and look like new, do not consider these old myths. Take recommendations from the manufacturer and help from the professional carpet cleaners. They will guide you which method is best specific for your carpet material and how you can make it last long without wasting your money.